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About us


With our distinctive and unique products we - from the WOODandMORE Team - want to help you design a home where you feel completely comfortable and at ease. We pay attention to ecological guidelines during development and production but also to a high level of functional and aesthetic design. Our products are manufactured in Germany. The flat-pack-designed pieces of furniture and home accessories have a distinctive character, individual flair and impress with high quality at attractive prices.



It is of our concern to achieve maximum visual impact through proportions, lines or material mix by waiving of unnecessary decoration and applying specifically reduced resources. Using selected natural materials, we develop our functional, factual, delicate products, which - characterized by simple geometric shapes, simple clarity and excellent workmanship - are characterized by high standards of ergonomics and harmony.


Quality standards of materials and products

The overall product unfolds through the interaction of the different materials and elements. Therefore, our focus regarding quality standards is on - all - parts of a product as well as the clean and high quality workmanship. All the elements - from the compounds of the fittings up to the base material itself - are selected according to the criteria surface, material, workmanship and durability. Only products that cater in all categories of high quality standard, will later be found as part of our assortment.



All products have been developed with the aim of the highest functionality and multi-functionality. Therefore, the focus is not only on the main idea of ​​using a product but also on the alternative usage - e.g. the trestles Tvinns can support a table top and form a desk or an eating table, but they can also function as low lounge tables instead. Another example is the shelving system Boksa. Due to the modularity of the boxes, BOKSA can be set up to form an individual shelving and storage according to the given space at your home. Give it a try and let your creativity flow at designing and re-functionalizing the products. You will see it offers infinite possibilities for applications and uses.



The design combines aesthetics, functionality and material to a complete and good working product. Furniture pieces are not designed for museum - even if they are ever so graceful, slender and exceptional and draw everyone's attention - they are still a practical object which is used every day, with which we are constantly in touch, move, load or unload. Pieces of Furniture have to withstand a lot. Therefore, any weaknesses need to be already unravelled during development. During the prototype phase the products are analyzed, corrected and tested in detail to secure stability and sustainability to everyday use.


Materials / surfaces

No more molded parts - we want our customers to (re)connect with high quality natural and pure materials in a contemporary, clean design. We serve from both natural materials such as solid wood, veneer sheets, plywood, wool felt, stainless steel and glass, but also from the materials from the artificial production - such as Acrylic glass. All solid wood surfaces of our self-designed products are treated with environmentally friendly wood preservatives (oils, resins and waxes).


Hand-in-hand production

WOODandMORE does not offer tailormade products or customization. All products are produced by experienced companies in a small-scale number. Our high aims are best production quality, longevity of the products and environmentally friendly manufacturing and production by small from Germany.


WOODandMORE products "made in Germany"

WOODandMORE sees great importance in ensuring that all parts of the production process - from the procurement of materials and their processing to the manufacturing and packaging - take place exclusively in Germany. Despite or perhaps because of the ever-increasing globalization, we are committed to manufacturing in Germany. Although there are certainly cheaper production facilities to be found abroad, we want to show responsibility for the business location Germany. Whether it is the procurement of material, the processing of wood and plywood panels or the production of packaging material - all of WOODandMORE's products are produced in collaboration with small and medium-sized specialist firms in Germany.


Advantages of investing in the business location Germany:

- higher quality standards

- higher material standards

- ecological wood treatments (oil, wax, resins)

- reduced pollution due to short transportation ways

- short transportation ways - short delivery time

- securing employment in local companies


Customer service

WOODandMORE lives, grows and develops with its customers. Therefore, you are important to us. With our unique furniture we want to contribute a little more individuality, uniqueness, warmth, color, materials and experiences of clear, functional design to your home. This works through a lively exchange between us and you. We are always there for you - via email, fax, phone or contact form. Do not hesitate. We care.


Webdesign / Corporate Design

For WOODandMORE everything flows from one source. Our website is developed with the same enthusiasm, implemented and maintained, which also comes into effect with our products. We are always interested in your feedback! Feel free to contact us if you found mistakes, system-errors or if you want to make suggestions for better usability. Thank you!



Press requests for press materials are very welcome. Please use the contact form or send us an email. Please tell us briefly, what products you need special material on. We will get back at you as soon as possible.


Where can you buy our products?

You can view our whole assortment of products on our website or in our digital catalogs. The products can be ordered via the onlineshop, via mail or via fax.


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